Productive June!

So far it’s been a pretty good month. A girl whom I’ve shot with a couple of times since the beginning of my wet plate journey was back in Tasmania and had sent me a message saying she’d liked my vine shots and wanted to do a nude in there. Sounded pretty good to me so we met up on Friday and shot some great nude images amongst the vines.

Despite the unfavourable sunlight I decided to push myself and work in the open shade. I got two really nice plates that I’m very very happy with.




The first plate is a ruby glass ambrotype, that is, the image is made on red translucent glass. The red is made by microscopic particles of colloidal gold that reflects light in the red spectrum. Pretty cool to think that this is silver on gold!
The second plate is a black glass ambrotype. Both 8×10’s. Exposures were 4 seconds at f/5.6.

I did try to make a couple of 11×14’s but I was shooting into the sun, so I got some undesirable lens flare which washed out the contrast considerably, also it was slightly out of focus. But it was still good practice with the developing of 11×14’s.


I also did a quick experimental shot with a hand-cut vignette that I made after seeing another example of it on the LFF forums. The plate isn’t a keeper but it was cool to play with and given me some ideas for the future…


Also, I have devised a very clever contraption that I think has finally solved my 11×14 developing problems!


Just a piece of wood that has a groove cut into it, I can rest the 11×14 plate in the groove so I do not have to focus so hard on holding it in my hands and not letting it slip out, this means I can pay much more attention and focus to pouring the developer evenly and steadily. it seems to have made a massive, massive difference judging by these two plates I made yesterday:


Both 11×14’s look pretty good development wise. Slowly all coming together. Pretty clean edges. I am really happy with these two plates. I finally feel like I have made a big step forward.


Also, for these two plates I used this new Black 2.0 super matte black acrylic paint to paint the back of the clear glass with.. Supposedly it is the blackest paint you can get. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of it compared to normal gloss acrylic paint. But I have a few bottles of it, so may as well use it.



Sorry for the fly-by post. I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve got  couple more shoots lined up this month. Also, I received the 6×17 pinhole camera. I’ve run a roll of portra400 and HP5+ through it,  I’ll try get those developed this week.



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