More pinholes and 12×20 en route!

Couple more pinholes. Having lots of fun with this camera. I like it so much I ought the 6×6 version.

Also bought some chems and gear to start developing film at home. Haven’t done it in a couple of years. Will just stick to B/W for now I guess.




Also, the 12×20 camera is on it’s way and should be here before the end of the month. Just need to get my 25″ lens mounted in a board and some trays and I should just about be ok to start shooting 12×20 ambrotypes straight away if it’s not too much hassle to get the film holders converted to take glass. I am also buying a 450mm lens from the same fellow  I bought the 240mm lens from in the US… and also have a 355 G-Claron on offer from a guy in Germany.

I’m pretty excited to receive this 12×20. I think I will have a lot of fun with it.


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