New gear

18665629314_610888065c_oThat time again where I make terrible choices and acquire more camera junk. I finally managed to sell the Zeiss 500mm f/8 Tele-Tessar I literally forgot I had that I found sitting in the ba
ck of a cupboard.  The lens was a nifty long lens on the Hasselblad system but I never really got a great deal of use out of it as I sold the Hassy only a few months after I got this lens. Running film and wet plate was an inferno on my wallet so I gave up 4×5, 120 and film altogether. Continue reading

Pinhole curiosity

As much as I am in love with the collodion process and find it the first thing I go for when I want to make an image, it is just not a logistically convenient medium. I had a foray with medium format cameras a few years ago, have more often than not had a digital camera.  I no longer have a smaller 4×5 camera and have little interest in getting another one. I am already lusting after a new piece of kit and have been secretly and shamefully looking at 16×20 ULF cameras online (a pipedream at this stage!) In the theme of satisfying ‘new toy urge’, making analogue images and taking less-than-conventional routes to get there I’ve been looking at pinhole cameras. Another film shooter pointed me in the direction of this RealitySoSubtle 6×17 pinhole camera, as well as the curved film plane for less distortion.


(not my  image)

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Lake Pedder 11×14 – failure

17620429_1871443709794643_274857503370903085_o (1)On the way back from a night at Lake Pedder Wilderness Lodge, the road soon begins winding through a sparse open landscape of low-lying jagged mountainface and seemingly bare wetland.  We pulled off the side of the road and down a little dirt track into a swampy marsh of burnt trees and rocks. After taking a nice digital photo of Lauren and her guitar I pulled out the 11×14 camera and spent about 20 minutes trying to find a nice composition amongst a tuft of dead trees. Once setup and my chemicals all ready I began the process of pouring a clear glass plate to do a steptest (1st mistake).

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